Office Bearers & Contacts
2020 – 2021 Financial Year


Mr Shane Brinkworth – 0403 995 182

Vice Presidents

Mr E Sparham – 0416 481944
Mr G Sparham


Mr Anthony Rogers
PO Box 400, RIVERSTONE   NSW   2765

Secretary/Public Officer

Tonia Gray – 0401 949446 


Mrs S Brinkworth
Mrs N. Spice
Mr P. J. Hall
Mrs K Rogers
Ms K Feldbauer

Lymphoma Co-Ordinator

Mrs K Rogers

Show Secretary

Ms B Turner  – 0402 492077
127 Wrench Street, CAMBRIDGE PARK  NSW   2747

National Bullmastiff Breed Council Delegates

Mr G Sparham
Ms B Turner

Rescue Co-ordinators

Mrs S Wehmeier
Ms B Clapson


Glenn Sparham – 0418 207047
PO Box 120, NORTH RICHMOND   NSW   2754


Mrs K Rogers – 0410 505 438
PO Box 400, RIVERSTONE   NSW   2765

IT Co-ordinator

Mrs T McIntosh


Mrs N Turner


Mr Chris Quantrill
Mrs Janet Quantrill
Dr T O’Callaghan

Life Members

Mr Stephen Nicholas – 1994
Mrs Nellie Abela – 1996
Mr Garry & Mrs Rosemary Chapman – 1997
Mrs Narelle Spice – 2000
Mrs Pat McLean – 2009
Mrs Kim Rogers – 2013
Mr Ernie Sparham – 2015
Mr Glenn Sparham – 2015
Mr Anthony Rogers – 2022
Mrs Sue Brinkworth – 2022
Mr Peter Hall – 2022

General Meeting Dates for 2022

General Meetings of the Bullmastiff Club of NSW Inc are held via Zoom please contact Secretary for meeting log in details.

Club meetings are bi-monthly and set for the third Thursday of the month

All BMCNSW Inc members are welcome to attend.

7.30pm Committee Meetings
8.00pm General Meetings

The current scheduled dates for meetings are:

Jan 20th
Mar 17th
May 19th
July 21st
Sept 15th AGM
Nov 17th
(unless otherwise delayed or deferred)


* Please Note *

Any change to meeting dates will be posted on this site!

The Bullmastiff Club of NSW Inc
founded 1988

Membership for Financial Year 2022-2023

New Membership of Bullmastiff Club

Please Note:
*Please be aware that membership of the Bullmastiff Club of NSW inc is set at a “financial” year, that being 1 July (Year) to 30 June (Year).*

As such, any application for “new” membership made between 1 July (Year) and 31 November (Year) will be considered as a “full year” for membership costing. If application for “new” membership is made in the last half of a membership year, 1 December (Year) to 31 May (Year), the amount due for payment will be at half the stated rate for that part of the year (this is to allow for processing and where applicable, acceptance or rejection by the committee at the next committee meeting held after the application has been made. Regardless of when application is made within a membership year, the current membership establishment fee will remain constant (excepting increases in “membership” and “application” fees as set by the committee and promulgated on the Club’s website and newsletter).

Click here to download a printable application for new membership with the Bullmastiff Club of NSW Inc.

Membership Renewal / Change of Address

Please Note:

For current members, in addition to the above information regarding “new” members, advance notification of approaching renewal requirements will be provided via the Club’s newsletter and “mail out” of renewal notifications to those who are about to fall due. Should you fail the renew your membership within the first half of a membership year 1 July (Year) to 31 November (Year), your membership will be treated in a similar manner to the costing established above. In addition, should the lapsed member make application for membership renewal after the 31 November (Year), they will be required to pay a re-establishment fee. This is to be at the same rate as that currently set for a person making a “new” application for membership.

Click here to download a printable application for renewal of membership with the Bullmastiff Club of NSW Inc.

**Should you require any clarification/assistance with the applicable levy, or assistance in completing your “new” or “renewal” membership application form, please do not hesitate to contact the club Secretary**